Travel (BPM6) - mio EUR - quarterly
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Contact and information


mio EUR
Janez Klemenc
phone: (01) 4719312
e-mail: [email protected]

Eva Senčar Svetina
phone: (01) 4719313
e-mail: [email protected]


BUSINESS TRAVEL: Income/expenses related to business travel (accommodation, meals, daily allowance (spent abroad)).
PERSONAL TRAVEL: Income/expenses related to private travel (accommodation, meals, transport within the country, other).
HEALTH REALTED: Income/expenditure of medical services to tourists, spas, costs of medical care.
EDUCATION RELATED: Cost of education, including scholarships and tuition fees, specialization costs.
Health and education methodologically belong to private journeys.
Until 2005, data sources did not allow the breakdown of travel exports into business and private travel, so the whole is included under private travel.
In 2005, there is a break in the series due to the change of data sources.
Data source:
Up to and including 2004: Payment transactions with the rest of the world, estimates of cash transactions based on surveys of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia.
From 2005 onwards: Surveys and research of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, mobile phone data.
A more detailed methodology for calculating trips is published in the Bulletin of the Bank of Slovenia under methodological notes (item 3. Balance of payments and external position).