Bank of Slovenia Interest rates
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Table 2.1.: Bank of Slovenia Interest Rates
(Methodology in details is shown on page Financial Data: Methodology of statistical time series)
Lombard loan: Within the framework of standing lombard facility Bank of Slovenia provides one-day
lombard loans to banks and savings banks with securities used as collateral. The pledged securities should
amount to 110% of the amount of lombard loan.
Repo interest rate for the temporary purchase of treasury Bills, tolar and foreign currency Bank of Slovenia's
Bills with obligatory repurchase in 7 days was the weighted arithmetic average of daily repo interest rates
until March 2004 (effective interest rate). The new 7-day repo was introduced in March 2004, it is offered
on a closed basis. The interest rate announced is the latest valid interest rate.
Interest rate on banks' obligatory reserves: 1 percent per year since October 1991.
The overnight-deposit interest rate is an interest rate applying to the deposits placed by banks and savings
banks on an overnight term with the Bank of Slovenia.
Long-term deposit at Bank of Slovenia has been established in July 2004. Variable interest rate refers to
60-day tolar bills' interest rate, increased by 0,2 percentage points.
Tolar bills are registered securities subscribed by banks and savings banks with maturity of 60 and 270
days. 60-day bills are offered on a permanent basis, 270-day bills were sold by auction till February 2004,
afterwards are offered on a closed basis. Interest rates for tolar bills are nominal given, in the case of
auctions they are effective rates. Offers of 270-tolar Bills have been frozen since November 2004.
Foreign currency bills are transferable registered securities not issued in series. They are offered on
permanent basis and can be purchased by banks (by other legal persons through banks till 3rd May 2000).
They are sold for Euros (till 16.02.1999 for German Marks) or US Dollars at a discount with maturities of two to
four months.