[Archive] Credit transfers
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Number / EUR Million
Snježana Del Fabro Delević
tel.: (01) 4719361
e-mail: [email protected]

Renata Progar Zupan
tel.: (01) 4719304
e-mail: [email protected]


Credit transfer is a payment service, which allows the payer to instruct the institution holding its account to transfer funds to the beneficiary. It is a payment order or a sequence of payment orders made for the purpose of placing funds at the disposal of the beneficiary.
Credit transfer initiated in a paper-based form: credit transfer which the payer submits in paper-based form.
Credit transfer initiated electronically - credit transfer which the payer submits without the use of paper forms, i.e. electronically. Includes submissions by telefax or other means, such as automated telephone banking, if they are transformed into electronic payments without manual intervention. Includes standing orders originally submitted in paper-based form but then executed electronically. Includes credit transfers initiated at an ATM with a credit transfer function.
Credit transfers initiated in a file/batch - electronically initiated credit transfer that is a part of a group of credit transfers jointly initiated by the payer via a dedicated line. Each credit transfer in a batch is counted as a separate credit transfer.
Credit transfers initiated on a single payment basis - electronically initiated credit transfer that is initiated independently. i.e. that is not part of a group of credit transfers jointly initiated.
Data on volume and value of crdit transfers are shown as: total transactions, domestic transactions and cross-border transactions.
Cross-border transactions- payer's PSP and payee's PSP are located in different countries. In the table cross-border transactions include transactions with all countries except Slovenia.
The period from 2015 until 2021 is included.