Balance sheet of the Bank of Slovenia - liabilities
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Table 1.3.: Balance Sheet of the Bank of Slovenia
The table shows the Bank of Slovenia's assets and liabilities at the end of month in line with the methodology of the ECB.
According to the ECB's methodology the item 'Banknotes and coins' includes the data of coins in circulation (which are in fact the liability of the central government) and excludes the data of issued payment notes, which are included in the remaining assets.
The item 'Banknotes and coins' is for series after 1 January 2007 calculated on the basis of the Capital Share Mechanism (CSM) which foresees the split of the total amount issued in the euro area between the different National central banks of the euro area with respect to their share in the capital of the ECB (8% of the total value of the euro area banknotes in circulation is allotted to the ECB). Coins are added to the total amount of banknotes.